Mrs. Baker's Science Classes


Hi Students and Parents,
Welcome to your online resource for Mrs. Baker's science classes. The website was designed to help students as well as parents stay abreast of what is going on in class.   Here, you'll find resources like class notes, homework assignments and PowerPoints. This site is in no way intended to replace classroom work, it is rather, a place you can access information you missed or get supplemental information. 

Mrs. Baker's Class Schedule: Fall 2010

1st Period: AP Biology
2nd Period: Biology
3rd Period: Biology HNRS
4th Period: Planning

Mrs. Baker's Class Schedule :Spring 2012

1st Period:
2nd Period:
3rd Period:
4th Period:

Want to HELP, Donate to our class!

Below is a list of items that the class will use periodically throuout the year.  It is not manditory nor do I give extra credit for these items, but they will be appreciated and used by the students in my classes at Pine Forest High School. Please do not send money, if you would like to make a monetary donation in any amount you can adopt our classroom by clicking on the link below...all donations are tax deductible and our class will receive 100% of the donations made.
5 x 7 index cards
3 x 5 index cards
white vinegar
brown paper bags
tennis balls
hand soap
zip lock bags (quart)
colored paper
3oz plastic cups
9oz plastic cups
hydrogen peroxide
Baker's yeast (pkgs)
scotch tape
glue sticks

Donate to Our Class!

Did you know that teachers spend an average of
$1,200 a year of their own money purchasing
materials for their classrooms?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
By adopting my classroom, you can participate in my efforts to create an effective and engaging learning environment for the students.

Here’s how it works:
1. Go to and search for my classroom.
 2. Adopt-A-Classroom directs 100% of your donation to my classroom.
 3. I access the donation through the Adopt-A-Classroom website (the organization does not send cash to the teachers) and purchase much needed resources.
 4. Adopt-A-Classroom sends you a report that itemizes what I purchased ensuring 100% accountability and transparency.
5. Your donation is tax-deductible.


from Mrs. Baker,
her students and Pine Forest High School!